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Give me
something that doesn’t die

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Des ailleurs
sans lieux


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  • January
  • Saturday 19 th
  • performance
  • Carré Belle Feuille
  • 8:45 PM
  • January
  • Wednesday 23 rd
  • performance
  • RECOMPOSED – Re-création
  • La Coursive - Scène Nationale
    La Rochelle

  • Christophe Béranger was a dancer and performer at the “CNN Ballet-de-Lorraine” from 1992 to 2013. His atypical career within the structure has given him the experience and skills to work with more than sixty choreographers. At the same time, he choreographs, he’s involved in many cultural actions and outreach events, leads a professional insertion program and assists choreographers. In 2011, he becomes the artistic coordinator of the company, which he left in 2013.

    Jonathan Pranlas-Descours studied visual arts, history of arts, and then theater/directing at the Université d’Aix-Marseille.  He continues his journey as a dancer and performer in various companies throughout Europe. Then he enters at P.A.R.T.S (Performing Art Research and Training Studios) in Brussels from 2006 to 2010. He continues his work both as a performer in Belgium, Germany, and France with various choreographers and a choreographer starting his first works.

    These different performer background, rich in experiences, in their diversity, are at the base of the work in tandem, complementary led by the two artists. In 2012 they founded the company SINE QUA NON ART, in La Rochelle. Working as much in the creation as in the transmission, they are asked in 2017 to lead the artistic and educational coordination of the « Jeune Ballet Atlantic » , artistic formation of the contemporary dance from the conservatory of La Rochelle.


  • From the creation of choreographic events, the passing on of special skills acquired during their multiple professional experiences, the acts of mediation with various audiences, to commitment in international cooperation projects… the various activities of the company question each creation process, related to the artistic act and the methods used to share outreach activities with the public.

    The founding duo of SINE QUA NON ART is deeply involved in a permanent reflexion about the link between the artistic work and its audience. The aim being to share dance experience with those who, for the time of a performance or an ephemeral encounter, come to see, to feel, to listen or to practice this physical art through space and time, this art of intuition and thought of moving.

    It is especially around the PAN (Permanence Artistique Nomade) project that they extend the practice of dance and the artistic meeting to as many people as possible, from amateur practice to younger generations, from the elderly to the dancers apprentices , from the regional to the internationally.


  • Their pieces have different processes and universes every time.They find themselves under a common sense of artistic collaborations that invest as much the field of  Performance, Visual Arts and Live Music.

    In 2013 they are awarded the TANZResearch NRW # 13 in Cologne which allows them to create their famous creation ‘’Exuvie » in 150 kg of wax.

    In 2014 they win the 1st Prize of the competition (Re)connaissance with their work  » Des ailleurs sans lieux  ». At the same time, they created for major repertory companies, in France for the Metz Opera Ballet, and abroad, as recently for the National Ballet of Kosovo in December 2016, « Recomposed » for 24 dancers . In May 2018 they will create « Rite of Spring » for the national contemporary dance company Danza Contemporeana from Cuba in Havana

    From group pieces to commissionned work, from performative works to international cooperation projects, the SINE QUA NON ART company moves the borders of choreographic creation by moving each project towards new and bold artistic territories.

    Their creations have been presented in Lebanon, Brazil, Macao, Luxembourg, Germany, Cuba, Singapore, Kosovo ….