A choreographic and musical performance for young audiences, where dance is transformed into the meeting of music and digital arts.

Duet for a voice, Tioneb, beatboxer, incredible vocal performer and a body, Brice Rouchet, electro dancer, with arms full of virtuosity and dazzling energy.

It is at the crossroads of urban dance and music, that our ancestral dances, our primitive origins, the metamorphosis of the tribal to the urban, resurface.

Concept / Choreography : Christophe Béranger, Jonathan Pranlas-Descours

Live music : Tioneb  

Dance : Brice Rouchet  

Video / Digital Arts : Olivier Bauer

Partners : JMFrance, Le Carré Amelot

SINE QUA NON ART is supported by Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and receive the support of the city of La Rochelle and DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine – Ministère de la culture et de communication.