(The rite of spring)


A creation for

Compañia de Danza Contemporánea de Cuba


We celebrated in May 2018 the 115th anniversary of the creation of the ‘‘Rite of spring’’ at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Despite a stormy welcome to its creation, the musical score is considered today as one of the main works of the twentieth century, inspiring choreographers for decades.
There is no plot in the Rite. It is a series of ceremonies. A community in pagan Russia sacri- fices a young virgin to glorify the divinity of spring.
It is a work of rupture in the musical codes and in the codes of representation of the bodies. Live orchestra gave this project all the power it deserved to perform a music which was for- bidden during the old regime.
Thanks to the French Alliance we have been able to meet and work with fabulous dancers of Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, the Alejo Carpentier Foundation, author of the novel’’Sacred Dance’’ where the rite is a kind of excuse to tell the social and political contexts, through the cuban revolution.
To create a version of the Rite of Spring for DCC has been an evident topic for all of us. To empower the Afro-Cuban dance rhythms present within Stravinsky’s music and in some way embodies the consecration of the interracial project dreamed by the heroine of Alejo Carpentier novel.
But first of all, it is about digging in the past of these historical elements to look better towards the future. This new generation of dancers who bring with them not only the strength of the Afro-Cuban dances, but who are also the symbol of a successful, strong, rich mix society and carry the hope of perpetual renewal.
No young virgin chosen, no sacrifice, except to dare to reveal themselves, reveal to others, affirm in all their strength and splendor. Join the individualities and their differences to be stronger and move forward without fear to face the future.

‘‘A revolution over their own precepts, seeking the way of rite, the essential and a truth that politically discusses identity, the search for the human being in terms of society and at the same time in pursuit of its irrefutable individuality.’’ N.Espinoza Mendoza

Choreography – Christophe Béranger et Jonathan Pranlas-Descours

Assitant choreographer – rehearsal director – Yoerlis Brunet

Dance –  DANZA Contemporanea de Cuba –

Adrián Núñez, Alejandro Miñoso, César Saavedra, Anabel Pomar, Arelys Hernán- dez, Arletis Viera, Claudia H. Rodriguez, Danny Rodriguez, Emma Quiñones, Esven Gonzáles, Gabriela Herrera, Heriberto Meneses, Idian Rodriguez, Illiana Solis, José A. Elias, Leyna Gonzáles, Lilliet Orozco, Norge Cedeño, Maikel Pons, Mario J. Vale- ra, Marlon Sierra, Penélope Morejón, Stephanie Hardy, Thais Suárez, Victor Varela

Music – The rite of spring – Igor Stravinsky
Performed live by – Orchestre del GRAN TEATRO Alicia Alonzo – (105 musiciens)

Conductors – Giovanni Duarte , César Edouardo Ramos

Costumes design – Christophe Béranger, Jonathan Pranlas-Descours, Vladimir Cuenca

Costumes réalisation – Vladimir Cuenca

Light design – Olivier Bauer

Thanks to –  Etude orchestrale – Nicolas Cheneau / Costumes – Pauline Kieffer

DANZA Contemporanea de Cuba –

Direction : Miguel Iglesias Ferrer

Manager: Jorge Brooks Gremps

Communication: José Ernesto Gonzales Mosquera

Techniciens : Fernando Alonso, Freddy, Manolo

Production –

SINE QUA NON ART , Compania de Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

Partners –

Ministerio de Cultura de Cuba, el Consejo Nacional de Artes Escénicas, Ambassade de France à Cuba, Alliance Française de Cuba – La Havane, Institut Français dans le cadre de la Convention avec la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Air France, Le centre Intermondes, Fundación Alejo Carpentier, Le Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso.