National Ballet of Kosovo


 »Recomposed » highlights the role of the community and the place of the individual in our society.
How do you recompose with ourselves, within a group.
This evocation of power and individual choices explores the cultural context, through a contemporary recomposition of a classical musical score.
The performers are mingled with a strong physicality and a brilliant lyricism, embracing the musical scores of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, recomposed by the contemporary composer Max Richter.

The choreographic compositions associated with the musical scores provide an ideal setting to reveal the touching fragility of the performers of this atypical ballet, with a total commitment, a touching sincerity within the work.

» Recomposed  » refers us to the current state of Kosovo, its future, its perception of traditions that all dancers share with Albanian culture.
A work that reminds us how the experience of otherness is a foundation of the human, of his experience to understand the world, for a better conscience and a respect of the work that each one accomplishes and carries in his cultural and artistic sphere.