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(The rite of spring)

Compañia de Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

We celebrate in May 2018 the 115 years of the creation of the Sacre du Printemps at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Despite a stormy welcome to its creation, the score is considered today as one of the major works of the twentieth century.
There is no plot in the Rite. It’s a series of ceremonies. A community in pagan Russia consecrates a young virgin to glorify the divinity of Spring.
It is a work of rupture in the musical codes and the codes of the representation of the bodies.
Thanks to the Alliance Française in Cuba we were able to meet and work with the fabulous dancers of Danza Contemporanea of ​​Cuba, the Alejo Carpentier Foundation, author of the « Sacred Dance » novel where the Rite is a kind of pretext to reflect the social and political contexts of Cuba.
To create a version of the Rite of Spring for Danza Contemporanea of ​​Cuba has imposed itself on us. To bring together the power of Afro-Cuban dance with the furious rhythms of Stravinsky’s music and somewhere to give substance to the Rite of interracial spring dreamed by the heroine of Alejo Carpentier.

But first and foremost, it is about relying on the past and these historical elements to better look to the future. This young generation of dancers who carry in them not only the strength of these Afro-Cuban dances but especially the history of an entire people, who are the symbol of a successful mix, strong, rich and who bring the hope of renewal perpetual.
No young virgin elected, no sacrifice except that of daring to reveal oneself, of revealing oneself to others, of becoming engrossed in all its strength and splendor. To unite the individualities and their differences together to be stronger and to advance without fear to face the future.

2017/18 – Creation for compañia de Danza Contemporánea de Cuba / Piece for 24 danseurs-ses / Choreography,Set Design, Light: Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours
  Premiere 11,12,13 may & 18,19,20 may 2018  – Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso – La Havane – CUBA



National Ballet of Kosovo

 » Recomposed  »highlights the role of the community and the place of the individual in our society.
How do you recompose with ourselves, within a group.
This evocation of power and individual choices explores the cultural context, through a contemporary recomposition of a classical musical score.
The performers are mingled with a strong physicality and a brilliant lyricism, embracing the musical scores of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, recomposed by the contemporary composer Max Richter.
The choreographic compositions associated with the musical scores provide an ideal setting to reveal the touching fragility of the performers of this atypical ballet, with a total commitment, a touching sincerity within the work.

 » Recomposed  » refers us to the current state of Kosovo, its future, its perception of traditions that all dancers share with Albanian culture.
A work that reminds us how the experience of otherness is a foundation of the human, of his experience to understand the world, for a better conscience and a respect of the work that each one accomplishes and carries in his cultural and artistic sphere.

2016 – Creation pour le Ballet National du Kosovo / Piece for 24 danseurs-ses / Choreography,Set Design, Light: Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours / Costumes : Pauline Kieffer
Premiere 8 & 9 décembre 2016 –  National Theatre of Pristina – Kosovo




Ballet Opera-Théâtre Metz

« Serenade/Sérénade » is a metaphor of the loving desire that is articulated around four movements, the soaring, the density, the loneliness and the fall.  It is by going from the group to the individual, by multiplying the stage space and by facing the matter of another body, another surface, that this play both explodes and implodes. The choreographic part goes through space and time with virtuosity and thus reveals what was hiding at the core, the individual in its own loneliness and simplicity. The different stages of the body succeed one another and raw bodies are unravelled. The space becomes the matter and the floor becomes the landscape, bodies become a metaphor in perpetual action.

2012 – Creation for the Metz Métropole Opera Ballet Company. Musical director: Philippe Huy // Music: Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky, National Orchestra of Lorraine. Piece for 14 dancers. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.
Premiere march 2012 – Metz Métropole Opera – France



Ballet Opera-Théâtre Metz

This solo/duo moves in a limited space. The shrinking of the space and the digital research create a setting for a duo and its shining double. This work offers various leads for exploration around the notion of intimacy by using the Barber’s musical adagio for strings. This research creates links between intimacy and illusions, visual and corporeal, classical scores and digital arts.

2012 – Creation for the Metz Métropole Opera Ballet Company. Musical director: Philippe Huy // Music: Samuel Barber, National Orchestra of Lorraine. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.
Premiere march 2012 – Metz Métropole Opera – France




Ballet Opera-Théâtre Metz

While allowing references to myths, this contemporary reading of Apollo questions the place of the group facing the chosen and/or elected individual. It is a play where the cyclical dramaturgy questions the very subversive potential of the individual facing the notion of power. This evocation of the power of individual choice and free will explores the modern choreographic codes within a structure with classical appearances. The performers are led into a great physicality and a bursting lyricism. Dance works jointly with the live musical interpretation of the Orchestre National de Lorraine to offer an ideal frame to reveal the touching fragility of the performers through a total commitment of a touching sincerity.

2012 – Creation for the Metz Métropole Opera Ballet Company. Musical director: Philippe Huy  // Music: Igor Stravinsky, National Orchestra of Lorraine. Piece for 14 dancers. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.
Premiere march 2012 – Metz Métropole Opera – France






Christophe Béranger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours take part as guest choreographers to create a work of creation/transmission at the “Ecole du Ballet du Nord –CCN Roubaix -, France”. The stake of this commissioned work is double: to revisit the writing method specific to the trio while keeping as basis the choreographic principles used in the creation “Des ailleurs sans lieux”, and transmit the physical and rhythmic scores to a group of 25 young dancers. A work on simple form but challenging, based on one of the basic functions of the body: breathing. Both true act of creation that includes the students and educational input allowing them a diversification of the choreographic approach, this commissioned work is the core of the commitment of SINE QUA NON ART in the discovering and the opening to the choreographic practicing.

2015 – Creation for Ballet du Nord School / CCN Roubaix – Nord Pas de Calais. Piece pour 20 dancers, presented at Colisée de Roubaix – Made in Roubaix. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.





“Ikoï” or “Under walking” in Maori language is a choreographic work created during the residence of SINE QUA NON ART at the “Lycée Jean Dautet” in La Rochelle, France. This work offered to the students of the dance class of this high school, constitutes for these young peoples the occasion to make a first artistic act. The walk is the central point of the choreographic work: when walking is not just a mere mean of locomotion, it becomes a way to project your own action, it reveals intentions, and it focuses on the importance of which way to go. This work awakens the consciousness of your own passage, of your own environment, and the move that at first seems just a simple daily move gets a much more complex dimension, a symbolic one, favourable to the commitment of the teenagers on the stage. The permanent duality of the individual facing the group, the union or the side-lining are staged in the framework of a structured and organic choreographic writing, offering to the spectator an intimate experience of the fragility of human relationships.

2015 – Creation for students, Art /Danse Option-Lycée Dautet/ La Rochelle – Piece for 22 dancers, presented at Festival À corps/Poitiers.
Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.





This commissioned work in situ is aimed at the students in pre-professional training at the “Jeune Ballet Atlantique – Conservatoire Musique et Danse” in La Rochelle, France. This “Impromptu Dansé” was especially created to be performed in the yard of “Tribunal de Commerce” de La Rochelle, France. And so the choreographic writing process is rooted in the architectural characteristics of this particular place. The choreographic act is, here, applied to the revelation of the uniqueness of a specific place. From the circle form, spirals and circular patterns are used to question this place, counter it, disturb it and enhance it. Hide to best reveal, put away this walking body treading upon the floor, question the relationships of the bodies in a space where the architectural force dominate, with the spectators seated all around at 360°.

2015 – Creation for the Jeune Ballet Atlantique – Piece for 8 dancers.
Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.



Des lieux, des autres, des ailleurs


During the residence of SINE QUA NON ART at the “Lycée Jean Dautet” High School (La Rochelle, France), and during the creation process of the work “Des ailleurs sans lieux”, SINE QUA NON ART offers a creation a working group to the students of “première” and “terminale” (17 and 18 years old students) who are taking the Art/Dance courses. Within this delimited framework, the answer to the commissioned work has been shaped around the transmission of the choreographic scores and a readjustment of the notions that this type of work implies. How do we invest in a certain type of form again? How do we approach a performative work?  What are our limits as far as breathing is concerned? Where does dance starts for a teenager? Being on stage, what type of experience, how and why? To perform or to allow to see?

2014 – Piece pour 12 dancers presented at Festival À corps/Poitiers and at CCN of La Rochelle.
Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.





This Impromptu Dance floods the whole space of the Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle, France and offers a choreographic wandering to the public, testimony of the meeting between forty-seven young French and Brazilian artists, as an invitation to a cultural travel. A ludic and sensory journey where the spectator moves from the inside to the outside, from the imaginary to the reality, from the intimate to the crowd. Each spectator composes its own path at his own rhythm in this artistic installation-performance that falls within several types of space: space of screening for the short film made from the danced portraits of four young Brazilians in the emblematic places of La Rochelle, space of collective immersion in a sweet half-light cradled by the whispering of the performers that come to support the soli making their way through the crowd, intimate space of a small lounge filled with light and open to all winds at the top of stairs where we witness a curious and intimate dance of the looks. This journey comes to an end in the garden with the forty-seven dancers for a final ode to the power of the difference and the freedom to dance.

2014 – Creation for the Jeune Ballet Atlantique, the students of the Jean Dautet High School dancing class and the young Brazilian artist from the Escola Libre de Dança, Rio de Janeiro. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.





This choreographic interpretation, between dancing and acting, is born from a peculiar alchemy rooted in the encounter of three companies and three different approaches of the artistic statement: a professional contemporary dance company, a professional acting company and an amateur improvisation dance company. They all come together around the novel by Carole Martinez “Le Coeur Cousu/ The Sewn Heart”. The creation work has been led throughout one year by an intergenerational team. A real speaking of the body that awakens the imagination, based on the novel, to offer a journey at the crossroads of words, tale, and moving body.

2013 – Creation for the Festival Lire en Poche – Gradignan – Piece for 14 dancers. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.





“The artistic act cannot be confined to the creation of a work of art. We have to occupy a space, create a new territory that is open to the city and ALL of its neighbourhoods in order to make the meeting between the public, art, and the artists easier.” It is from this statement that SINE QUA NON ART presents its “Impromptu Dansé” to the student performers at the “Jeune Ballet Atlantique”. That is why the young dancers are invited to experience the dance in an outdoor environment with tools and materials that are previously prepared in studio. The first performance was shown first in the Cloître des Dames Blanches, and then later on, this work has been transposed to a space with a totally different architectural identity. The performers have then flooded the parvis of the “La Sirène” performance hall (a performance hall dedicated to music). A place with a very peculiar architecture that is very representative of the La Rochelle industrial history. These two “Impromptu Dansés” are the products of these reflections about the body and the performance in public space. 2013 – Creation for the Jeune Ballet Atlantique –

2013 – Piece for 18 dancers. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.





« La rue de la blague du monde/The joke of the world’s street » is a performance written and created for the young dancers of the “Jeune Ballet Atlantique- Conservatoire Musique et Danse” in La Rochelle, France. This creation in which the last year students are involved, allows them to face what a creation process in professional conditions is. The making of the choreographic materials comes directly from the background of these young performers: it is all about getting the measure of your environment and exploring the choreographic move that reflects and echoes this environment…In this street that symbolises the world and its permanent irony.

2013 – Creation for the Jeune Ballet Atlantique – Piece for 12 dancers.Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.



ID #1


The concept of Impromptus Dansés allows the artistic team of SINE QUA NON ART to put a focus on the architecture of the city, the urban or rural heritage, to renew the way people look at their environment even just for a moment. This in situ creative approach in the public space, offers short and bursting choreographic forms: they are the product of the colliding between the improvisation and the space, the world that surrounds it. Compose in the moment, construct, deconstruct and reconstruct: the Impromptu Dansé allows to place movement, bodies and sounds in the architectural environment. Impulsed by the Centre Intermondes, this event is the product of the artistic encounter between SINE QUA NON ART and international artist in residence in La Rochelle.

2013 – Creation for the Centre Intermondes – La Rochelle. Piece for 3 dancers and 1 musician. Choreography Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.

. . . . . . . . . . .  HorsFormat#  . . . . . . . . . . .  

The Hors-Formats are transversal projects, which according to simple and direct principles give access to atypical, informal and innovative spaces of creation.

The creation is conducted in collaboration with another artist who may be from another artistic field.

A few days of residence and a space to invest. The context is often not related to choreographic art, it is what allows to go to meet the public outside the usual theaters. Celebration, festival opening, digital arts crossover, film, contemporary music, heritage places, as much background where the company is invited to create and question the format of the performance.

The artistic white card is one of the parameters that defines the « Hors-Format ». On the other hand the reflection joined with the places, the collaborators, the organizers guide us to arrive to a coherent project, which respects the original context of the event and let the audience be surprised by the creation.

Agenda  « HorsFormat »

HorsFormat#6   –   7 january 2017
Alliance Française of La Havane – Cuba

HorsFormat#5   –    24 et 25 septembre 2016
Macau – FESTIVAL – Chine

HorsFormat#4   –    3 june 2016
Point Ephémère – FESTIVAL « Petites formes D-Cousues » –  Paris

HorsFormat#3   –    26 march 2016

HorsFormat#2   –    24 novembre 2015
Opening of CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL  –  La Rochelle

HorsFormat#1   –    24 septembre 2015
10 years anniversary of Centre Intermondes – La Rochelle