passing on

The transmission of the choreographic practice, of the implications of the artistic creation and a committed reflection about the implementation modalities are an important factor of the SINE QUA NON ART project. This permanent reflection allows to always redefine the frame and the orientations of the company’s outreach activities toward the public.

If we take into consideration the etymological definition of the notion of passing on, as a “transmission from one organ to the other through gears” the sharing of the artistic practice is the gear with which we can bridge the gap between the artists and the spectators. To understand what a moving body really is, to go through a sensitive experience thanks to the artistic act must be a way to stimulate the curiosity and boost an individual and collective reflection about arts.

Because performing arts have the particularity to exist only during the time when an artist performs and a spectator witnesses the artistic act in its immediacy: no tangible material exists out of the moment of the experience, nothing can express what happened during the time of the artistic act. The only mark that’s left is the sensitive experience: it is the perfect transmission tool.

Only his sensitive experimentation is the trace, it is the transmission tool by excellence



The experience, this encounter, between a performance, a work and the public is at the core of each action. It allows to create the link between the work of the company and the other by using both points of view, the alterity of the spectator or of the performer, being occasional or not. Everything is done always in a very specific manner, so that this encounter between artist and public allows both of them to become actor of the situation. Everything here is about supporting a type of emancipation of the mind through the work of the body, to give for the time of an experience with the artist, the possibility to be in a space of freedom, of freedom of speech, and to create a link between the act, the feeling, the perception and the relationship with the others.

In this situation, the place of the artist experiment an essential shift: from « maker » he becomes « giver ». Being both the giver of a choreographic act, the giver of a sensitive experience, the giver of another way to see the world. The artists of SINE QUA NON ART consider this reality as an integral part of their professional activity as creators. On the field, the actions of the company are made to facilitate the meeting with a public as large as possible, whether it is in a pre-professional environment, a professional environment, an amateur environment or an educational environment.

Since its creation, the SINE QUA NON ART Company is working to implement partnerships throughout the regional, national and international territory, and the company is always open to new encounters and partnerships to come.





The commitment to the pre-professional environment has created collaborations with big groups like the “Jeune Ballet Atlantique –Conservatoire Musique et Danse” of La Rochelle, France ,  The « École du Ballet du Nord  – CCN Roubaix – Nord Pas de Calais »,France  The « Escola Libre de Danças da Maré de Lia Rodrigues » in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These actions create the opportunity for the young training dancers to commit in choreographic creation processes whether it be the transmission of repertoire, or specific “made to measure” creations. By going beyond the frame of a mere teaching action of technical tools, it is a sharing of a way of thinking the artistic act, of a way of life based on dancing that boosts the exchanges between young artist to be and professional ones.




In educational contexte, we respond in a specific way to any proposal, from primary to secondary to university studies, where we have been already leading workshops during the residence in 2014. In the scholar environment the partnership with the “Lycée Jean Dautet” High School, and the Art/Dance courses led by Pascal Mayéras, is a very strong implanting into the region of La Rochelle. The quality of the commitment and the sharing of a same teaching method have been a way to create several strong and meaningful actions (creations of specific choreographic works, awakening of the critical mind facing the variety of choreographic forms). This long-term work has been strongly consolidated by the artist- residence in this High School in 2014-2015.




As far as the younger ones are concerned, actions that are based on the discovering and the initiation to dance are regularly created in collaboration with the teachers sharing a will to open a different space of expression within the teaching environment. Be it in the primary school where the children can discover the professional tools used by dancers and choreographers (theatres, rehearsal studios, discovering of the artistic jobs), or in day nursery through intergenerational actions targeted to young age children and their parents to make them discover together space and time through matters of mobility, SINE QUA NON ART wishes to open spaces of encounter to facilitate the access to artistic and cultural practices for new generations.




The amateur practice is also an important part of the actions led by SINE QUA NON ART. A lasting and privileged partnership has been established for years with the association Etsem, between the French regions of Gironde and Dordogne: project after project, there have been many different frames of organisation for the various actions. Going beyond the division between amateurs and professionals, the work is done thanks to the commitment of each and every one and allows the surpassing of oneself during collective experiences, where the relationship with the other is the main issue.


All of the different actions are only possible thanks to the unfailing commitment of the structures that support the artistic and outreach action. The preparation work and the follow through are essential. This close collaboration between the hosting structure and the artist is fundamental for the success of the act of transmission. It is only on these conditions that the transmission can open a vast “dockyard of possibilities”…where the boundaries become porous to the world and are inspired by it.